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The Christmas Letter – 2014

Posted December 13th, 2014
The Christmas Letter - 2014

Mercy me—is the year almost ended? 2014 gave us adventure, romance, challenges and sorrow. Suspended as I am among so many feelings, none has gravity sufficient to pull me close. What consumes me now are the tasks ahead from collecting the turkey from Rumbleway Farm where our bird spent the best part of a year…

Wrought with Steadfast Will

Posted April 18th, 2013
Wrought with Steadfast Will

I read the new history of my school, Emma Willard School in Troy, New York and paid particular attention to the summary of my own era within those “grey walls protecting.” I am struck by the paradox of the book’s enveloping familiarity and its utter strangeness. Was this the place I spent four crucial years…

Procreation, Politics and Power or What I Learned in High School that I Need to Know in this Election Year

Posted March 25th, 2012
Procreation, Politics and Power or What I Learned in High School that I Need to Know in this Election Year

A few years back I found myself on camera with Regis Philbin on the quiz show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” A few days prior to that encounter, a factoid learned when I was sixteen drifted into my brain during a trivia-cramming-induced stupor. The information that floated back concerned the 19th century Englishman Thomas…

It Is Enough

Posted December 12th, 2011

The great golden globe of the moon rose above the horizon as we came around the curve in I-95 headed home. His expression was slightly drunken, a laugh out of one side of his mouth and eyes askew. Too much eggnog? An excess of champagne?  The old fellow was clearly jolly, as full of holiday…

Ode to Joy

Posted July 26th, 2011

Monday was my third guitar lesson and the JazzMan, my teacher, introduced me to the third string and the notes G and A. The first week I had three notes: E, F and G. My assignment was an exercise that familiarized me with those notes, up and down and changing back and forth. I had…

The Music of Our Lives

Posted October 17th, 2009

I am still singing our tunes. A week ago it was our 40th reunion at Emma Willard. Thirty-five members of the class of 1969 ate and drank together, hugged and squealed, wandered old haunts alone and with others. Two rehearsals prepared us no longer so vocal choristers for Chapel on Sunday and we regained at…