Finally, a blog of my own, thanks to brilliant designer Beth Blinebury. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beth!

My computer is set up adjacent to a window that leads directly to the patio behind my home. Beyond the patio are terraced gardens and a steep slope leading to the woods. Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources has determined that most of our back yard, and the property beyond is a “non-tidal wetland.” That means the woods are protected from development and other intrusions, and now that this new development is a few years old, our tree-studded marsh is wild with Nature.

It’s a baby boom in bunnies, and the tiniest ones play tag on the pavement not more than five or six feet away. Birds–cardinals, sparrows, mourning doves, finches, blackbirds, nuthatches–pick up seed that falls from the feeders mounted on the deck overhead and deer stroll in the woods. Today, a woodchuck looking a little thin and bedraggled also wandered by. When I tiptoed outside to get a better look, he hurtled away across the neighbor’s lawn like a kid caught shoplifting candy.

Everyone here has a name. The cardinals are the Richelieus, more familiarly the Richies; the hummingbirds are Mimi and Rodolfo; hairy woodpeckers are Poilus (like the French soldiers), downy woodpeckers are Bobs (like the actor), and the pileated woodpeckers are Woodys (like the cartoon). Last year we had a Black Racer snake with an attitude: Sid Vicious. This year’s first and noticeably unsteady fawn is Trippy.

And that is the first entry in my blog. G’nite all.