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Next Great Artist 10: Abdi’s Mom is a hundred thousand dollars richer

Posted August 13th, 2010

It’s over and done with and Abdi, as the “Next Great Artist,” will exhibit his work at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The check for $100,000.00, he says, will go to his mother. In ten years, however, or ten months or ten days, will anyone remember? Will anyone care? Just prior to the final show,…

Next Great Artist 9: Nature Concentrated

Posted August 5th, 2010

Bill Powers led the Final Five into the woods. China Chow, draped in earth-toned cloak, presented them to “Nature herself” and gave instructions to incorporate something they found, something “without a pulse,” into their works. She also mentioned that this task would take down two more artists and leave the three for the Grand Challenge…

Next Great Artist 8: Significant Form and the Reality of Television

Posted July 30th, 2010

I found a certain irony in Challenge 8. Last week I railed about the triviality of the challenges. I even weighed in on the subject on Jerry Saltz’s New York magazine blog where some of the more interesting discussions about the show take place. This week the Great Minds at BRAVO decided to go with…

Next Great Artist 7: Playing with Lint

Posted July 22nd, 2010

I cannot begin to express how much I dislike China Chow. I dislike everything about her and when she turns to the “winner” and says, “You made a true work of art,” I just wanna send her to her room for a permanent time-out. A list-serve friend described episode seven as “a quantum leap down.” …

Next Great Artist 6: Shirts and Skins

Posted July 18th, 2010

In episode 6, a collaborative challenge was custom-designed for drama, an art school equivalent of shirts and skins in gym class. BRAVO producers determined that interpersonal tensions are entertaining in a way that the creation of art is not. In the first five contests, ideas and opinions expressed during production generated accusations of idea theft….

Next Great Artist 5: Driving Dazed in Audis

Posted July 9th, 2010

I predict that Miles will take home the prize. I thought this might be the case as early as the first challenge and was moderately certain by the second. I will be genuinely surprised at this point if he loses. Miles will win, not because of Simon de Pury’s embarrassing infatuation with him and not…

Next Great Artist 4: Not Much Shock and No Awe At All

Posted July 2nd, 2010

Shock takes center stage in this episode of Work of Art—or at least it was supposed to. The celebrity du moment was Andres Serrano whose Piss Christ, a large-scale photograph of a crucifix immersed in urine, sent various members of the religious right and United States Congress into an absolute tizzy in 1989 and remains…

BRAVO’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist”

Posted June 18th, 2010

So far I have successfully resisted the bait dangled by all the reality shows. Tribal hostilities, The Donald’s flunky-wannabees, housewives, litters of children, none of these strikes me as entertainment. BRAVO got me, though, with “The Next Great Artist.” I might have watched it anyway because as an art historian I actually have some interest…