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Book #9 in 2018: “You Must Change Your Life” by Rachel Corbett

Posted March 3rd, 2018
Book #9 in 2018: “You Must Change Your Life” by Rachel Corbett

It’s been a big year for the sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) in museums. Sadly, I missed Séraphin Soudbinine: From Rodin’s Assistant to Ceramic Artist and Klimt & Rodin: An Artistic Encounter, both of which were at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Kiefer – Rodin closes at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia in a…

The Painter and Modern Art

Posted March 12th, 2013
The Painter and Modern Art

I think the studio teacher said something like “What is that supposed to be?” during a painting critique. The comment is a variation on an old, old theme in since “Modernism” earned its capital M: “whatever you are doing, it clearly doesn’t meet the standards of ‘good art’.” The Impressionists earned their name from hostile…

Private Faith and Public Actions

Posted January 18th, 2012
US Seal

Well the Forty-Niners beat the Saints in a heart-stopping final two minutes of the playoffs, and the Patriots beat the Broncos and their verbified quarterback, Tim Tebow. Does this mean that those who pan for gold have an advantage over they who have hearts of gold? That success comes to those who place constitutional values…

WWI: Prolegomena to 11-11-11

Posted November 13th, 2011
WWI: Prolegomena to 11-11-11

We learned of the imminent opening of a museum dedicated to World War One from a cashier at a Carréfour market somewhere on the outskirts of Meaux as we headed into our final week in France. Her English was superb, but then, she said, she was half-English. Once settled into our gîte Milleroses, we tried…

Texas and the Terrible Waste of Minds

Posted May 22nd, 2010

As Michael Birnbaum writes in today’s Washington Post, “The Texas state school board gave final approval Friday to controversial social studies standards that minimize the separation of church and state and say that America is not a democracy but a ‘constitutional republic’.” Cynthia Dunbar (Republican) explained the new premise on which Texas will build its…