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“They Started It!”: Facts, Truth and Blame

Posted January 23rd, 2019
“They Started It!”: Facts, Truth and Blame

When I saw that video clip of Nick Sandmann smirking at Omaha Elder Nathan Phillips who was drumming and chanting, and realized just how close the two were standing, I was outraged at the boy’s insolence, shocked at the implicit insult of a white person to an Indigenous person. Later as more videos were posted,…

Knowing What Not To Wear doesn’t mean The Right Things To Wear are available in my size

Posted September 11th, 2009

Physical decay is inevitable. Poor hearing is diminished by the constant whine of tinnitus. Myopia gets more myopic. Bulges expand and gravity pulls them downward. I’ve been test-driving my new “desk specs” and they improve my posture—I no longer hunch forward and bring my nose up to the monitor screen. My ophthalmologist had recommended trifocals…