Christmas Letter 2021

December 5th, 2021

Christmas 2021 Dearest All, The box turtles look so surprised, heads withdrawn above the hinged front of the plastron, topaz eyes wide and startled. They are invisible until I yank weeds or scatter fallen leaves;…

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Our Own Private Maryland Money Pit

November 16th, 2021

It was so thrilling in January. The worn, stained carpeting in the family room and the tired vinyl in the kitchen had been replaced with warm oak from one side to the other. Suddenly the…

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The Inferno That Destroys Democracy

November 1st, 2021

I read newspapers, always have. Always one every day; oftentimes two or more. When I was a child living in Cleveland OH, the choice was between the The Press and The Plain Dealer. My left-wing…

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About LNB Associates

I once joked that a life of varied experiences has left me with a body of information that resembles the Platte River—“a mile wide and an inch deep.” A voyage down unexpected tributaries and over uncharted seas has certainly gained me a competitive edge in games of trivia as well as a certain confidence that I can manage small talk on almost any subject. It has, moreover, given me the expertise, provided the content and inspired the imagination that I have brought to my clients since 2000.

Recent Posts

Dying For What One Believes?

It is Sunday, July 19, 2021, as I write. I read the COVID statistics published in The Baltimore Sun every day, have been since they began printing that little gray box in the paper. I noticed today, with shock, that the death toll had jumped by four in Harford County,...

Monuments, Memorials And Me

The Mall was quiet earlyish that Sunday morning as I hoped it might be. Little traffic, few tourists, plenty of parking. The weather report had not been encouraging but rain held off, clouds suppressing the sun that would have made the humid air intolerable. Abraham...

One Day At A Time

Some summers back I bought a couple of bedraggled hemerocallis from Home Depot, hoping they might fill a couple of awkward spaces in my garden. A deep discount added motivation. They were quite a lovely color, too, shades of purple and yellow. I seem to have lost the...

The Chapters In This Story Are Still Being Written

I learned about the English-Speaking Union at Emma Willard School where, freshman year, our ESU was the tall and soignée Julia. Three years later, I applied to the program; our headmaster, William Dietel, at that time chaired the selection committee. I still remember...

Carry On Into Midsummer

Sixty-four degrees under light rain after too little precipitation and days in the nineties? That’s a gardening day. I pull weeds from the forgiving mud, deadhead the foxglove, penstemon, columbine and roses, and contemplate the possibility of adding a few plants...

Services Provided

Creation of original passages (nonfiction and fiction) for K-12 reading programs

Adaptation of passages in the public domain for K-12 reading programs

Items and passages for standardized tests

Travel writing

Encyclopedia entries and general-interest articles

Art criticism, exhibition reviews and artist interviews

Art museum catalogue entries, interpretive materials and family guides

General editing and copyediting