Seeing The Soul of Our Nation

January 22nd, 2021

Donald John Trump scuttled off to Mar-a-Lago aboard Air Force One, nuclear codes in tow, some three hours before his term ended  at noon EST on January 20, 2021. I watched Kamala Harris and Joe…

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They Keep Pouring that Whine

January 8th, 2021

The triumphs of Senators-Elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia were the best birthday gift ever. Their swearing-in will demote Mitch McConnell to Senate Minority Leader; his pocket will no longer entomb bipartisan…

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An Omen for 2021     

January 2nd, 2021

I hate that “thud.” It always means a bird has mistaken the sliders—despite the raptor and leaf decals—as navigable space. The first thud we heard was a male red-bellied woodpecker only a few days after…

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About LNB Associates

I once joked that a life of varied experiences has left me with a body of information that resembles the Platte River—“a mile wide and an inch deep.” A voyage down unexpected tributaries and over uncharted seas has certainly gained me a competitive edge in games of trivia as well as a certain confidence that I can manage small talk on almost any subject. It has, moreover, given me the expertise, provided the content and inspired the imagination that I have brought to my clients since 2000.

Recent Posts

Corona Virus Diary 27: Only 2020 Expires

Advent proceeded inexorably toward the First Day of Christmas. I went for minimalist normalcy: the Crèche and the Peaceable Kingdom, candles in the windows, wreaths flanking the front door. Unsettled After The Election Donald Trump is still grinching about a rigged...

Corona Virus Diary 26: The Numbers

How is one supposed to really grasp the number of those infected and killed by COVID19? There have been 71,401,780 cases confirmed globally, as of December 12 and 1,600,807 deaths. In the United States, 15,939,022 have fallen ill and 296, 656 have died. These are...

Covid Virus Diary 24: Christmas Letter 2020

Is everyone still there? How to recount the year’s doings when we have done largely nothing? My favorite word--one of the three Oxford Languages chose for Word Of The Year--is “Blursday.” It perfectly describes the mush that time has become. Last year and for years...

Corona Virus Diary 23: Feeling Thankful

It is Thanksgiving and it is meet that I should count my blessings. Good Things and Silver Linings Despite the explosive rates of COVID infections, the disease has not breached our defenses. Nor has my Tattooed Boy fallen victim despite his return to his workplace. An...

Corona Virus Diary 22: Counting Ballots

November 3, midafternoon Election Day. I have distracted myself with gardening, grocery shopping, a little laundry. We are all anxious, unnerved. I can almost hear the scratch of pens, and the thunk of the machines ingesting ballots, at the polls. Analyses favor the...

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