Changing Lives 12: Bread And Water

June 23rd, 2024

As I visit new locations or revisit familiar ones, I like to take alternate routes home. See what there is to see. Colorful murals, maybe, or places of interest. This is particularly true in my…

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Changing Lives 11: Between Baltimore And Boston

May 31st, 2024

It was there on Sumner Street, just a couple short blocks from my home. A fine old steamer trunk that may have been new around 1930. I hadn’t noticed it when I headed out. Who…

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Changing Lives 10: My Own Back Yard

May 21st, 2024

I had heard a couple of times that, on an upcoming weekend, the ferries to Georges Island would be free. There was a chance to see Fort Warren, wander about, start ticking items off that…

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About LNB Associates

I once joked that a life of varied experiences has left me with a body of information that resembles the Platte River—“a mile wide and an inch deep.” A voyage down unexpected tributaries and over uncharted seas has certainly gained me a competitive edge in games of trivia as well as a certain confidence that I can manage small talk on almost any subject. It has, moreover, given me the expertise, provided the content and inspired the imagination that I have brought to my clients since 2000.

Recent Posts

Changing Lives 9: It’s All Relatives

Revolutionary Spaces leads with its mission statement: “Open History. Enter Democracy.” Today that phrase resonates as strongly as it might have at the establishment of our Union. Based in the Old State House and Old South Meeting House, the organization presides over...

Changing Lives 8: Welcome Home

A young cousin Helen paid me a supreme compliment this past January as I laid out my plans for moving from Aberdeen, Maryland, to Boston, Massachusetts. She was thrilled to hear that we’d be, for all intents and purposes, neighbors and she described me as “the fun...

Changing Lives 7: There Should Be A Way If There Is A Will

They say it takes nine months to bring a baby into the world and nine months to see a person on to the next. There are reasons for that. Probate requires that the opening of an estate be advertised to overlooked children and random creditors. Fair enough, I have...

Changing Lives 6: I Heard It In IKEA

It was a long day. I rose somewhere before five to drive back to Maryland. Managed to get onto the Massachusetts Turnpike making only a single, not terrible problematic, error. The drowsies hit just after crossing into Connecticut so I found the empty parking lot in...

Changing Lives 5: A Place For Everything

I spent the night on brother Tim’s borrowed air mattress. Such a useful thing. Got cold though. Had just the one blanket and needed to fetch a pair of socks during the wee hours. Come morning I walked to the nearest Starbucks, over at the airport, for a latte and a...

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