Widow’s Weeds 07: If It Weren’t For The Women

August 17th, 2023

The attorney checked in to see if I had completed some assignments. I hadn’t and got to work. Did the paperwork to transfer the title of Garnet, the RAV4, into my name. Arranged for appraisal…

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Widow’s Weeds 06: Vegetables Help

July 29th, 2023

I had been putting off serious thought about the menu for Dan’s memorial this coming Saturday, now exactly one week off. Putting together a video and assembling a play list had been a diversion. I…

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Persistent Persimmons

July 24th, 2023

It seemed like a good idea, some fifteen years ago or so. Plant a couple of persimmon trees, be patient, harvest the fruit. So I waited–patiently–long long past the five-year mark by which time I…

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About LNB Associates

I once joked that a life of varied experiences has left me with a body of information that resembles the Platte River—“a mile wide and an inch deep.” A voyage down unexpected tributaries and over uncharted seas has certainly gained me a competitive edge in games of trivia as well as a certain confidence that I can manage small talk on almost any subject. It has, moreover, given me the expertise, provided the content and inspired the imagination that I have brought to my clients since 2000.

Recent Posts

Widow’s Weeds 5: The Grandkids Are All Right

Well, technically they’re his and not mine, but they are all I have. Anyway, I’ve had the full experience from diapers through adolescence to adulthood. An Old Joke There is an old joke I told students to explain why young artists reject the styles and aesthetic...

Widow’s Weeds 4: A Single Place Setting

Dining has changed from a social activity to little more than a chore. Granted, Dan’s appetite faltered considerably over the past year or two. As Covid threw a pall over all our lives, I had taken over food shopping as a defensive posture. Dan’s increasing fragility...

Widow’s Weeds 3: Heart’s Desire

Unless I want to be an Edie, Big or Little, in an ersatz-colonial Grey Gardens, I need to begin the process of emptying this house. We've been happy here. At least I think so. It is hard, indeed, to truly know what Dan was thinking about much of anything. Moodiness...

Widow’s Weeds 2: Sell My Home? I Live In My Home!

Do I want to sell my house? No, I do not. At least not now and not to you, whoever you are. That has been my answer to phone calls and what I would respond to the people who send letters. Vultures, the bunch of them. Carrion Eaters They read the obituaries and do the...

The Harford 100-Mile Biennial Exhibition: The Educator’s Eye

Marcia Gayle Snee is a wonderful artist and dear friend, so when she said her work had been accepted into a juried exhibition at Harford Community College’s Chesapeake Gallery, I was thrilled for her. Curious, also, about just what might be in the exhibition....

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