Tim’s air mattress

I spent the night on brother Tim’s borrowed air mattress. Such a useful thing. Got cold though. Had just the one blanket and needed to fetch a pair of socks during the wee hours. Come morning I walked to the nearest Starbucks, over at the airport, for a latte and a bowl of oatmeal. Then I waited for the lads. It was April 10, delivery day.

I didn’t have an ETA for the truck and they showed up right after I fired off a text to the moving company. We got right to work. A miracle that most of the block in front of number 389 was wide open. Such timing! Red and blue runners were unfurled to protect the floor. I felt like a movie star ready for my close-up! Then my tremendous trio started bring stuff in.


art in the bath

I’ve moved a lot. I’ve filled much larger trucks. Even so, as furniture and boxes and miscellany piled up, I realized that maybe my downsizing hadn’t been as aggressive as I thought. I savaged my old closet and the rod of my new one is jammed.  A chest of drawers would be a great idea—but, oh where to put it! I eliminated about three-quarters of the old kitchen and I am at my wit’s end as to where to put things. But the dining table fits beautifully where I hoped it would. As all the art has landed in the spare bathroom, it is out of sight if not out of mind.

Out of Sight

It is amazing what I managed to forget. The three bookshelves, for instance. I had agonized back in Maryland over which and how many to bring; by this morning in Boston, I had entirely spaced them. And given that my collection of antiques is mostly tables, chairs, and incidental pieces, I had lost track of what I had and where they were supposed to go.

I signed the paperwork and sent the lads off for lunch. Not sure where they went, but I told them not to worry about the truck. It used up most of the curb space but it used it up legally. Every so often I would glance up at it. Then I glanced up—and it was gone.

Making This Block Home

Returned to The Quiet Few for supper. It is clearly going to be my regular. I asked for a bourbon, said whatever they wanted, to surprise me.  Rather like what I do with my Tattooed Boy when I lunch at the B&O; I pick a color of wine and leave the selection up to him. I love what they chose.

That’s East Boston. Suprises. Suprises you invite. Suprises you hope will happen. Surprises that surprise. Good thing I am leaving tomorrow. The trash room has nearly no space left for boxes and packing paper. The Ella couch that converts to a bed will be delivered on April 20. I’ve confirmed that with the shipper. The bed is not due until May 14 but I do need to order a mattress and some bedding.

Meanwhile I will hope like hell that there is a place for everything and that everything will find its place.